5 November 2020

EyePDF: My latest software project!

 Those of you who regularly check my blog- the two of you- will be pleased to know that the domain name thing finally is working reliably, entering will now (most of the time) take you to my blog!

Now non-existing domain issues apart, the topic of discussion today is EyePDF, my latest software project, which is a PDF disintegrator-fuser-curser-watermarker-swiss army knife sort of thing.


Here you see a screenshot of version 1 beta in all its glory!

What works:

Disintegrate: Split the PDF's pages into individual PDF files

Fuse: Combine multiple PDF files

Rejig: Reorder, add and remove pages in a PDF file. You can add pages from other PDF files as well.

Curse: Add password protection, and decide what permissions be granted to the user

Bless: Remove all security (permissions, passwords etc.). This requires owner password to the PDF file

What does not work right now:

 Twirl: Rotate

Convert: Convert PDF to image, text, html, docx, etc.

OCR: Stands for optical character recognition i.e. reading text from images, something we can do and computers can't (very well)

Watermark: Just what it sounds like

Delete: Delete everything on your PC

EyePDF is released under the GNU General Public License, version 3.

Download EyePDF! (version 1.1 beta)

Or get its source code! (Made with Visual Basic 2019)