29 August 2020

Swap 'em Out : Introduction

Welcome to Swap 'em Out! This is a new series on my blog where I will make posts on how to switch from a certain software to another, free and open source software alternative. The aim is to gradually switch from using closed source, proprietary software to using only free and open source software.

This is an interactive series (unless you are from the future :) ) So, you, the readers, will also switch to these software, at a considerably slow and easy pace (I plan to make a post every fortnight, so it will probably take around a year or so...? to swap to Ubuntu, which is where I will probably end this series.) After each switch, you guys will tell me in the comments about how you feel about the switch.

I won't do this alone. A group of guinea pigs 'research volunteers' will be aiding me by switching to the new software one week prior to the blog post, so that they can tell me what problems do they face and the solutions, which can then be added in the blog. Wanna help? Just contact me at!

Why bother switching to open source?

1. Read my article on 'FOSS without Fuss'.
2. You will save hundreds and hundreds of dollars (so even more rupees) on software.
When will this start?
Probably sometime after September.
How can I join?
You can either contact me if you want to join as a pre-blog post tester, or you can simply swap the software out as I make the blog posts, and hopefully comment on how well you adjusted or not to it.
I am from the future, but I still want to swap.
Hi! If you are from the future, you can simply swap the software in the order which I wrote the posts.
The information in a certain post has become outdated.
Please contact me and I will update it.
Where did you copy this idea from?
Surprisingly, nowhere! I came up with it on my own!