24 January 2021

The Old MooPop Factory [HermitCraft]

 The Old MooPop Factory

As the seawater laps up

The Shopping district’s shores,

As the mayor explains

The ancient Hermit lores,

As priceless jewels are unmade,

In pools of molten rock,

You see people hurrying to shops

Around the Doomsday Clock.

But what is this thing, that people call

The Button’s reincarnation?

Oh, do be patient, and listen to me,

As I give the explanation.

Once upon a time in Hermitcraft

Before the Hermits came,

There lived an ancient people,

Whose works were now arcane.

They had opened up a factory

For carbonating milk,

Using mushrooms from the District,

Soft and smooth as silk.

As time went by, these people went back

To there from whence they sailed.

In bottles laid MooPOP, the nectarous drink,

Ignored and made in vain.

The factory was now shabby and old,

Crawling with creatures unnamed,

Till the Mayor of the Hermits came,

And had the place remade.

Then MooPOP was made again,

And sold by Mayor Scar,

But news of this unwantonly reached

The ancient people afar.

The bravest of these long-lost people

Sailed back to Hermitcraft,

And beside iJevin’s TNT shop,

Set up the Doomsday Clock.

The first Hermit to discover this

Multicoloured abomination

Was Mumbo, who himself had made

A similar-looking creation.

Now Mumbo, being the spoon he is,

Signed up without hesitation,

To what he did not know to be

The plan for the Town Hall’s demolition.

Following his response, all the other

Hermits signed up too,

Though about what it was, none of them knew

More than a thing or two.

Will the ancient people emerge

Victorious over Hermitcraft?

Or will they be driven out from the server

To their homes abroad?

This is what remains to be seen,

Though I do not worry,

As from what this season has till now been

It will surely be extraordinary.


By eyekay49


[According to's r/Hermitcraft: Hermitcraft is a whitelist-only community of popular Youtubers and streamers who collaborate on a vanilla Java Minecraft server of the same name. They have also played many other games together from 2012 to the present.

Also, at the time of writing the audience has no idea what HCBBS, the text writtent on the Doomsday Clock, means.]

5 November 2020

EyePDF: My latest software project!

 Those of you who regularly check my blog- the two of you- will be pleased to know that the domain name thing finally is working reliably, entering will now (most of the time) take you to my blog!

Now non-existing domain issues apart, the topic of discussion today is EyePDF, my latest software project, which is a PDF disintegrator-fuser-curser-watermarker-swiss army knife sort of thing.

8 October 2020

A Short Article related to Linux for Those Dummies who Refuse to Understand the Hour-Long Speech I Had to Make to Them

 I hope you know what open source is it will take too long to explain again. if not see my blog


 This must be the 103767948th resource on this topic but people are SO RELUCTANT TO LISTEN


7 September 2020

Swap 'em Out: 01: Web Browser

Swap 'em Out! Switch! Exchange! Interchange! Insert synonyms here!

Web Browser

Mostly used: Red blue yellow circle search engine thingy ©™ ® (you all use it. i cant name it as google hosts my blog)

Is it fine to use it?: Ofc not, why would i be writing this article otherwise lol

29 August 2020

Swap 'em Out : Introduction

Welcome to Swap 'em Out! This is a new series on my blog where I will make posts on how to switch from a certain software to another, free and open source software alternative. The aim is to gradually switch from using closed source, proprietary software to using only free and open source software.

29 July 2020

FOSS without Fuss

We all use PCs. With the schools going virtual, we all use our devices for multiple tasks: attending live classes, managing schoolwork, preparing for exams using online study materials etc. The more creative ones use them to produce electronic art, literature etc. Why? To express our thoughts and ideas. To portray our feelings and expressions. To ‘excersice our rights’, some might say. But to those of you who went for the last one, and those of you who didn’t as well, have you ever wondered about your software rights?

28 January 2020

how i created my own website

To those of you wondering whether I have actually tried the steps mentioned here, I am the idiot who actually did all this. I made a Raspberry Pi server (without dynamic IP or DNS) just to test whether the 8-page article I wrote actually works. I shut it down after running it for about 2 minutes (I soon figured out my ever-useful Raspberry Pi Zero would not survive a single DDos attack (distributed denial-of-service attack- basically, so many devices try to access a website that the server overheats and explodes. Usually the aim is to shut down the website.) Guess it will now be used for hosting a minetest server as soon as I get how to do it