7 September 2020

Swap 'em Out: 01: Web Browser

Swap 'em Out! Switch! Exchange! Interchange! Insert synonyms here!

Web Browser

Mostly used: Red blue yellow circle search engine thingy ©™ ® (you all use it. i cant name it as google hosts my blog)

Is it fine to use it?: Ofc not, why would i be writing this article otherwise lol

29 August 2020

Swap 'em Out : Introduction

Welcome to Swap 'em Out! This is a new series on my blog where I will make posts on how to switch from a certain software to another, free and open source software alternative. The aim is to gradually switch from using closed source, proprietary software to using only free and open source software.

29 July 2020

FOSS without Fuss

We all use PCs. With the schools going virtual, we all use our devices for multiple tasks: attending live classes, managing schoolwork, preparing for exams using online study materials etc. The more creative ones use them to produce electronic art, literature etc. Why? To express our thoughts and ideas. To portray our feelings and expressions. To ‘excersice our rights’, some might say. But to those of you who went for the last one, and those of you who didn’t as well, have you ever wondered about your software rights?

28 January 2020

how i created my own website

To those of you wondering whether I have actually tried the steps mentioned here, I am the idiot who actually did all this. I made a Raspberry Pi server (without dynamic IP or DNS) just to test whether the 8-page article I wrote actually works. I shut it down after running it for about 2 minutes (I soon figured out my ever-useful Raspberry Pi Zero would not survive a single DDos attack (distributed denial-of-service attack- basically, so many devices try to access a website that the server overheats and explodes. Usually the aim is to shut down the website.) Guess it will now be used for hosting a minetest server as soon as I get how to do it

27 January 2020

How to set up your own website (extreme hardcore version)

There are many reasons why you would want to have your own website. Maybe you want to advertise your shop or maybe you just want a blog. Maybe you want to create a website on how to create a website. Then its readers will make a website on how to make a website...